Webinar Series: 30 minutes with tech experts

Webinar – Silke Auchter 30.03.2021:
Catch me if you can! – How to trap single atoms for Quantum Computing
Quantum computing has gained significant traction over the last years! With trapped ions being considered a leading technology platform for quantum information processing. Since 2018, Infineon develops microstructured ion traps on-chip, where single trapped atoms are used to represent quantum bits – the basic unit in a quantum computer. Listen to Silke Auchter and experience the universe of quantum computing.

Webinar – Walter Kirsch 13.04.2021:
How do chips from Infineon enable the flying of tomorrow?
How does a Multicopter work and which Infineon components can be found in there? What does a “Drone Racing Pilot” do at Infineon? Take part in our second webinar and get answered all the questions by Walter Kirsch, the specialist for multicopter applications.

Webinar – Bernd Steiner 11.05.2021:
Semiconductor manufacturing in Europe: Welcome to the big world of very small things
Gain insights into one of the most innovative productions worldwide: From an extended workbench to a global player on the semiconductor market. Our success is down to our people.

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Veranstaltungsort und Adresse

Webinar - Live from Infineon Austria, Paniglgasse 1-3, 1040 Wien, Österreich

    März 2021 - Mai 2021

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Webinar Series: 30 minutes with tech experts

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